Ursina – Drown

Weekly5 – Edition #12

Photo: Angelika Annen

Drown is a beautiful piece of singer-songwriter music. Smooth and warm like the first days of Spring. Dark and bittersweet like a Friday night in solitude. Created by Swiss artist Ursina, this song is wrapping itself around the listener like a blanket.

Photo: Angelika Annen

Her musical upbringing is clearly echoing: Listening to artists like Tom Waits or Jeff Buckley in the teenage years, later studying jazz in Lucerne, and being captivated by Scandinavian artists like Ane Brun or José González.

It’s hard to pin down the source of Drown’s attraction. Is it Ursina’s crystal voice or the haunting lyrics? Is it the delicately arranged sound? It’s probably a combination of them all that makes Ursina’s latest single something that grabs your soul and holds on.

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