Moyka – Stay

Weekly5 – Edition #12

Photo: Isak Okkenhaug

23-year-old Norwegian musician Monika Engeseth, aka Moyka, published new music. As demonstrated impressively in previous releases like the EPs Circles and Spaces, she walks the line between epochal pop tunes and the icy atmosphere we know of Scandinavian artists. And you can hear heroines like Aurora or Sigrid in the sound.

Photo: Isak Okkenhaug

Nevertheless, Moyka’s latest single, Stay, once again shows her potential. It’s a longing hymn in the remote wilderness. At the same time, Stay works in the bolts of lightning and wafts of fog on the dancefloor. “I want to create a mystical universe where people can feel at home,” Moyka says.

With Stay, she added another building block to her synth-driven world. Moyka is undoubtedly a name to keep in mind.

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