Lea Porcelain – Just a Dream

Weekly5 – Edition #13

Photo: Kane Holz

In February, Lea Porcelain released Ohio, staying close to the duo’s signature post-punk-inspired sound but also demonstrating a development towards a less densely packed arrangement.

This week, the last album teaser was published: Just A Dream differs quite heavily from Ohio with its even lighter feeling. Carried by Markus Nikolaus’ voice and a glimmering guitar, the track reminds me of Nirvana’s unplugged songs. And still, if you listen closely, you can hear the eternity of their sound in the background.

Lea Porcelain explain their single as follows: “The message we want to send out with this is that all of our dreams and wishes are all still there for us all to take. Every day anew. Especially in uncertain times. We just have to make them become reality. Day by day, piece by piece, step by step. These uncertain times are also times of opportunity. And you can still live your dream if you take chances. And you if can carry yourself through the coldest of winters with the warmest of hearts.”

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