Julien Bracht – Melancholia

Weekly5 – Edition #12

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Melancholia begins with buzzing synthesizers as a thick beat starts to emerge out of the darkness. Suddenly, the song breaks free of the noise, and a melody presents itself.

Melancholia is the first single of Julien Bracht’s upcoming album. Bracht has been active as a producer in Germany’s techno scene for quite some time. Although he was busy as the other half of Lea Porcelain, he now returns to his origins.

Julien Bracht
Photo: Promo

Nevertheless, the song is more than pure techno. Melancholia is a captivating blend of electronic genres. Densely arranged, the single pours an impenetrable layer of sounds in one’s ears. Melancholia is beautiful but dangerous as the risk of losing yourself in this ocean is highly probable.

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