Icon For Hire – Panic Attacks

Weekly5 – Episode #7

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Since Ariel Bloomer (voice) and Shawn Jump (Guitar) formed Icon For Hire back in 2007, the US duo defies boundaries. Their latest album, Amorphous, has been completely funded by the dedicated fanbase – raising over 200’000 Dollars.

Amorphous is an unbelievable ride that shakes you from brute-force metalcore (Curse or Cure or Seeds) to synthetic rock (Sticks & Stones) and screeching dubstep allures (Brittle).

Icon For Hire
US-band Icon For Hire defy musical boundaries. Photo: Promo

However, one song stands out, even within this blend of crushing riffs, soaring lines, and sonic explosions. With Panic Attacks, Icon For Hire prove that they’re even capable of writing a blasting rap/R&B-influenced hook. Bloomer swells into a stunning flow, sounding anxious and angry until she breaks down to a melancholic refrain.

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