girl in red – You Stupid Bitch

Weekly5 – Edition #14

Photo: Jonathan Kise

You might remember Marie Ulven, aka girl in red, from the ninth edition. The young Norwegian heroine was featured with Serotonin. This week, she released another single, You Stupid Bitch.

While the very poppy Serotonin was quite surprising to people familiar with her previous work, You Stupid Bitch feels more like earlier tracks. However, the crisp production continues. Sure, there’s this a very addictive element in You Stupid Bitch that’s usually occupied by mainstream pop songs. Despite this catchiness, the song doesn’t feel like your ordinary radio music.

The new track is a more sugarcoated riot pop-punk, reminiscent of bands like the Spanish outfit Hinds or the Islandic-British trio Dream Wife. Maybe a bit cleaner, but loud and cracking nonetheless.

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