Frederik – Shapeshifter

Weekly5 – Edition #12

Photo: Flavio Karrer

Frederik isn’t a single person but a band. However, it’s the vision of Rolf Laureijs, who sought a valve for his experimental sounds. Laureijs – known for outfits like Wavering hands, a=f/m, or Dans La Tente – mingles pop and wave to dreamy art.

On Friday, the Swiss band released their first album, Portraits. “I tried to find a basic structure in the songs within which each instrument can develop a narrative. In this consciousness, the album’s acoustic space opened up for me, whereby I also found my way back to the guitar. It’s the sum of the individual pieces, which act like individual snapshots, that form Portraits,” Laurejis explains.

Photo: Flavio Karrer

Shapeshifter acts as a perfect snapshot for the album. The lyrics, the singing remain monotonous and repetitive, creating a hypnotic atmosphere. But the instruments are escaping again and again into small caprioles, adding playfulness to the song.

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