Danko Jones – Flaunt It

Weekly5 – Edition #14

Photo: Promo

Although I enjoy the more melancholic sounds, there’s this understanding that rock music should be first and foremost entertaining. And no band kicks ass like the Canadian tour de force that is Danko Jones. No whining, no compromises. It’s raw, it’s honest, and it’s putting back the sex in rock’n’roll.

Introducing: Flaunt It. The latest single from Danko Jones’ upcoming album is a blueprint of what made the band big in the first place. A breathless garage rock, a catchy hook. Flaunt It is an explosion of ecstasy, a fist that punches right into the stomach. Bam!

Danko Jones
Photo: Promo

And you instantly know that this song will lead to an apocalyptic escalation once Flaunt It will be played live. Can you smell the beer spilled over the sweat-dripping bodies jumping around?

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